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Hi, we are Miguel and Hayley da Silva. Welcome to our website.

The Healing Pathways is an alternative and holistic health service bringing you a blend of shamanism, healing, and empowerment.

We offer shamanic healing therapies, feminine empowerment therapies, and shamanic training.


Featured Workshop

The Healing Pathways and Miguel da Silva are honoured to offer this Self-Healing workshop.
Self-Healing is a healing modality that puts the entire focus and responsibility for the healing on yourself.
This is a form of healing that can be used on yourself as well as others and can be used for emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual issues.
The work is based on the Law of Resonance. You will learn to feel the issues your client is dealing with within your own body and energy field. They become a mirror to your own issues so you are practicing self-healing as a result.



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Shamanic Healing Therapies

Feminine Empowerment

Private Shamanic Mentoring

Munay-Ki Initiations

Medicine Wheel Training

Moonmersion Lunaship

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