About Us

About The Healing Pathways

The Healing Pathways is an alternative and holistic health service that brings you a blend of shamanism, healing, and empowerment. It was formed in 2015 by Miguel and Hayey with the aim to create and send positive ripples into the world by being in service to others.

We offer a wide range of spiritual and shamanic therapies including:

Shamanic Healing
Crystal Healing
Oracle Card Readings
Womb Blessings and Healings
Offerings and Despachos
Munay-Ki Initiations
Shamanic training from beginner level to more advanced.


Meet the Team

Hayley da Silva

Hayley is a Level 3 Moon Mother- helping disempowered women to help find their inner power. In addition she works with Shamanism, Crystal Healing and Paganism.
She has always had an affinity with nature, even as a child she would pretend she was a goddess of love and animals. She has a compassionate heart and is empathic, so can pick up and experience your feelings and emotions.

Hayley offers various online workshops working with goddesses and faery energies. 
Hayley is qualified as a Munay-Ki mentor. 

Miguel da Silva

Miguel is a shaman/curandero and teacher. The way he works originates in South America, but he has adapted it so it fits more with our own local energies. His work is all about enabling you to receive healing, to give you the ability to release your past, and open you up to real empowerment. He works in a very direct way helping you gain empowerment and strength from releasing old stories, wounds, and traumas.

Miguel has completed the 4 directions of the medicine wheel.

He also teaches shamanism and is a mentor of the Foundation Course into Shamanism, of the Medicine Wheel training, and offers private shamanic mentoring. He also offers the Munay-Ki initiations