Feminine Empowerment Therapies

About Feminine Empowerment Therapies

In a masculine dominated world it is becoming more and more apparent that we need the world to open up to the more feminine nature of flow. The “Keep Going until you get it’ culture is the norm and can cause burn out for many women. Women’s natural energy is not designed for that culture.

Through Female Empowerment therapies, we can help you to live in your true nature, recognising your own natural ebb and flow. Instead of trying to fight our natural instincts, you will learn how to work with them to our advantage to adapt your life accordingly.

Please note you do not need a womb or a menstrual cycle to receive any of these. Any girl from the age of five can have a womb healing, the blessing is from first bleed onwards, no age limit.

I also offer specific womb blessings- these are “Opening to Peace”, “Opening to Sacredness” and the four Archetype Blessings of Maiden, Mother, Enchantress (Wild Woman) and Crone.

We are aware that gender is not always straightforward. We are happy to see gender fluid/trans/non gendered clients. If the work mentioned on this page resonates with you but you are not sure which to book then please contact us and we can discuss your needs.




Womb Healing

Womb healing is a nurturing experience, a gentle way to begin clearing negative emotions from the womb space to begin to bring empowerment into our lives. A womb healing can bring balance to the menstrual cycle and to your life. It can help you to connect deeper to your femininity and to the Divine Feminine.

Female Soul Healing

Female soul healing is an expansion of the womb healing, so it includes the womb healing as part of the process, but as well as working on our every day lives, it expands the healing to the heart and soul, bringing healing also to relationships, love (both given and received) and universal connection.

Womb Blessing

A womb blessing is an attunement that helps us to clear old patterns and blocks, heals deeply held patterns and brings increasing self empowerment. With each womb blessing we reveal another layer of the onion, bringing you closer to becoming your authentic self. The work begins after you receive the blessing, as the attunement creates a twenty eight day “rebirth” process that allows you to process the emotions and beliefs that are no longer serving you.

The Gift for Men

There is a more and more pressing need for men to connect more deeply with Divine Feminine Energy. The Gift is a way that men can receive this. This is an attunement in line with the womb blessing. It raises a man’s vibration and opens his consciousness to the Divine Feminine, bringing healing, validation, love and transformation. It can be seen as a validation of authentic masculinity and the release of it’s expression in the world.