Moonmersion Lunaship

Overview of Moonmersion Lunaships

This is an one to one mentorship aimed at (but not limited to) introverted, highly sensitive and empathic women. This is for you if you are drawn to working with the moon, but the idea of attending a women’s circle is not for you. If you want to work on an individual basis but have the support of someone who can guide you along the way.
I will help you to work with the changing phases of the moon in a practical and a spiritual way.
Helping you to understand how you can use the moon cycle to plan your everyday life but also help you to create little moments of magic!
The work will personalised to you, starting with the use of your birth chart, so we can see what area of your life the moon is influencing for you through each phase. I will also discuss with you, how you prefer to learn- this could be zoom calls, videos or documents, or a mix. We will also chat about how ‘deep’ you would like to go- whether you want full on rituals and magic, or a more toned downversion!

Once this is all established we will work with the New Moon, the Full Moon, the First Quarter Moon, the Last Quarter moon, and waning/waxing energies- learning what to do when and incorporating ceremony and ritual.
For those who wish to go even further, you can add in ‘Menstrual Cycle Awareness’ which means we would also be taking into account where you are in your menstrual cycle and working with your personal energy levels.
This work will help you to create a life that is more in tune with nature and the universe, going back to the real roots of who you are and truly honouring that.

BETA Price - currently running at a discounted rate

for sign ups during Feb/March 2021