Shamanic Mentoring

Shamanic Mentoring

Private Shamanic Mentoring

Shamanism is a journey of self-discovery, of self-healing, and of learning to connect. It teaches you how to become more of who you are. Shamanism can help you to overcome obstacles in your life and give you direction through some very simple but deeply effective methods.

Bringing traditional shamanism into the 21st century and making it our own is at the core of what for me modern shamanism is all about. The teachings at the centre of shamanism are the same in all shamanic traditions. The knowledge that those that came before us have left us may be thousands of years old, but is just as effective in helping to resolve today’s problems as it has been in the past.

Shamanism is not about finding answers outside of yourself, it's all about you. There is no hierarchy, there is no wise guru to give you the answers, there is just learning and knowing through experiencing. 

Through shamanism you learn how to world around you is continuously giving you messages about yourself and what you can do to heal yourself. It teaches you how to listen to and understand those messages.

Shamanism puts full control back with yourself, the control to create a new and empowering reality, to heal the wounds of your past, to overcome your fears, and to find magic and joy in your life.

Shamanism has helped me to overcome some of the deepest traumas and wounds I was carrying since I was child. When I stepped on the Medicine Wheel I was a mess. I was depressed, hiding behind drugs and alcohol, and very angry with the world. The teachings of the Medicine Wheel have helped me to find my place, my purpose, inner peace, and shown me who I really am. 

Private Shamanic Mentoring

This is a 12 month training course through which you will acquire the foundational skills of shamanism. You'll learn how to use the archetypes of the Peruvian medicine wheel to help you to heal, release, find balance and empower.

Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate and you will be eligible to step on the Medicine Wheel. The course prepares you for what you'll encounter on the Wheel and familiarizes you with the practices we use as shamans.

The South - The Journey into Yourself

You'll spend 3 months with Serpent and we'll cover:

  • How to release one wound or trauma from your past using shamanic methods

  • How to create your own medicine bag or pouch

  • How to smudge and open/close sacred space.

  • Shamanic tools and how to use them.

  • How to perform two different shamanic healing methods (black & white stone healing and rattle healing), 

  • Shamanic journeying

  • Journey to Serpent

  • How to hold a fire ceremony *

The West - The Journey of the Peaceful Warrior

You'll spend 5 months with Jaguar to help you overcome your fears and become the Peaceful Warrior. We will cover

  • How to use feathers, rattles, and chakapa to do clearings.

  • Journey to Jaguar

  • How to journey to past lives

  • Dark energies, attachments, entities, and how to remove them

  • Black despacho

  • Real and illusionary fears

  • Death and dying

The North - The Journey into Magic and Joy

You'll spend 3 months with Hummingbird to learn who you are and where you're going and we'll cover

  • How to release some of the roles you've taken on throughout your life

  • Journey to Hummingbird

  • How to find magic and joy in everything.

  • How to open yourself up to opportunities for growth.

  • How to bring abundance into your life through a white despacho

  • How to use crystals in shamanic healing. *

The East - The Journey into Timelessness

You'll spend 1 month with Eagle teaching you how to rise above everything and become effortless in everything you do. We will cover

  • How to journey to the timelines to retrieve healing and knowledge.

  • Journey to Eagle

  • How to change something before it happens.

  • How to manifest abundance by creating your own white despacho and hold a fire ceremony to make the offering. 


About the Training

The first lesson is an introduction to the course. This will be 2 weeks before the agreed start date of the course itself. 

Each month there is one day allocated to training online (or face-to-face once corona restrictions are lifted). 

There will be weekly phone/zoom/skype calls to see how you're doing and if any further help is needed. I'm also available if anything has come up and you need a chat.

There will be homework assignments that will need to be completed, and at the end of each direction you will be asked to demonstrate your understanding of what you've been taught. This can be either a practical exercise or a writing exercise. You will be asked to do a number of case studies for the healing methods taught and there will be a number of items you will need to find or buy.

All training is done on a one-to-one basis online during lockdown or at various locations in London once lockdown is lifted.

Upon completion of the training you will be eligible to step onto the Medicine Wheel and go deeper with each of the archetypes of the Wheel.